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We Hear You!

I love my kids, but they're exhausting!

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✔ Do you need inspiration for playtime?
✔ Do you want to create rich learning experiences for your child?
✔ Do you have a toddler who tantrums and has big feelings?

Between day jobs, raising little humans, meal-prep, and family, you don’t have time to think about what skills your child needs to succeed in school. Let alone come up with fun, educational activities. You’re exhausted...and you’re not alone.

The good news is that you don’t need expensive subscription boxes to be a good parent.

You are perfectly capable of helping your child develop the skills they need to be successful in school and life, from the comfort of home. With a bit of direction and inspiration, play time can be less stressful and more fun for everyone.

The Earlybird
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As a member, you'll get access to 250+ low-prep play ideas to keep kids busy and learning. We have videos, printables, and no-print options! Our activities will give you the confidence and tools to raise calm, kind, smart kiddos.

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What our members are saying

“Earlybird is next level. I’m obsessed with the graphics they use. Everything is BEYOND cute, age appropriate, useful, and helpful.”

Teacher & Author

“I’m obsessed with the Earlybird platform. It is built beautifully, and everything is so easy to do. It’s my go-to when I justneed to keep them busy for a while.”


“I just signed up and I’m excited. We are homeschooling this year so I need all the Earlybird tools. It is making the early years really make sense.”

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As a member, you will...

✔️ Have instant access to a growing digital library of 250+ super fun, low-prep activities

✔️ Get access to a private Facebook group so you can share your ideas, ask questions, and meet other parents / caregivers

✔️ Monthly drop of 10+ new, seasonal activities

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Finding the right activity

You can easily filter activities by:

⭐️ Age – older kids can do activities marked for younger ages

Subject – Numeracy, Literacy, Social-Emotional, Motor, Art

⭐️ Theme – such as Letter Identification or Winter

⭐️ Material – largely things from around the house

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A young woman teaching numbers to her daughter with the help of some number cards.
Renée Jordan holding her two kids.

Meet Renee Jordan

Hi, I’m Renee, one of the founders of Earlybird. I am a mother, teacher, and curriculum designer with a Masters in educational psychology from Columbia University.

I have worked with families across North America, conducting learning assessments and devising learning plans. I have seen firsthand how many children are starting school behind in core developmental domains, and I know this doesn’t need to happen.

There are many reasons why children don’t have access to rich, learning experiences that are so critical in the early years, but I am committed to ensuring all kids have the strong start they deserve and empowering you to do your part in raising good kids.

You don’t need a degree in education to make your life easier or ensure a child is school-ready.

The early years is a critical time for brain development. Kids learn faster than any other time in their lives. Unfortunately, early developmental experiences don’t all happen on their own–we must help create them.

We get it. Your kiddos may still be little, but you’re already thinking about their future—are they meeting their developmental milestones? Are they going to be successful in school? Deep breaths. You’re a good parent to worry, but you don’t need to—you just need to prepare them. We’ll show you how.

We teach parents and caregivers, who likely don’t have degrees in education, how children learn at this young age, give them tools and inspiration to create playful learning experiences, and help understand what it means for kids to be school-ready.

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