Develop your child's foundational skills

A parenting app that tracks your kid's development and gives actionable play ideas to build the skills that matter


Supporting parents from birth to age 6

Make playtime easy

Never run out of things to do with your kids. Access hundreds of fresh, innovative play ideas that will keep them busy and learning, using materials you already have at home.

Ensure your kids are on track

Learn what to expect at every stage of your child’s development from birth to age 6. Explore recommended activities that will build and strengthen these skills.

Support for your parenting journey

Feel confident with your parenting and understand what’s going on these early years. Learn from industry experts with on-demand workshops and resources.

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"The best app out there for keeping my kids busy and away from screens. Super easy and fun ideas that we can do from home."
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“I’m obsessed with Earlybird. It’s a beautiful app and every activity is so easy to do with stuff I already have at home. It’s my go-to when I just need to keep them busy for a while.”
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"We are homeschooling this year so I need all the resources and tools. Love both the printable and no-print activities!
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“The perfect app for ideas on how to spend time with my kids, get expert advice, and gain confidence as a parent.”

We’re not meant to do this parenting thing alone

That’s why we created an app for parents of kids under 6 to access easy play ideas and resources, ask questions and learn.

Parenting feels hard because it is hard and kids don’t come with a manual (although they really should). Luckily, it becomes easier with the right activities, strategies, and support. You're in the right place.

Unlock the full Earlybird experience

Try Earlybird+ to unlock the full experience:

  • Hundreds of low-prep activities

  • High-quality PDF printables

  • Personalized activity and resource recommendations based on milestones

  • Ask an expert and receive a response

  • Learn from the experts with our on-demand workshops and videos

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