About Earlybird

The critical years for child development

A child is born with billions of nerve cells, all of which are present at birth but have few links between them. Their brain develops by constructing connections between these cells, all within the first few years of our life. The experiences and interactions a child has in these early years significantly affect brain development and help to establish the foundation for future learning. Unfortunately, these early development experiences don’t all happen on their own, and we as care providers must help create them.

A kid placing a toy pan on white a coloured toy stove.
A bunch of kids holding carrots in their hands.

Early childhood education

Unlike K-12 schooling, early childhood education is unstructured. Between the ages of 0 and 5 learning takes place in the home, in daycare centers, in the community, and in preschools. Parents, grandparents, nannies, daycare providers, and early childhood educators play various roles in building a child’s foundational learning. However, with high tuition costs, long waitlists or inconvenient hours comprehensive early learning programs are not easily accessible to all children, which leads to a discrepancy in kindergarten readiness skills.

We created Earlybird to help parents and care providers understand what it means to be school-ready, and provide them with the confidence and tools to facilitate the required learning experiences.

Our goal is to nurture every child’s intellectual, physical and social-emotional development to ensure they are school ready.

Earlybird provides anyone caring for children with the confidence, knowledge and resources they need to create child-centered and developmentally appropriate play-based learning experiences to ensure every child gets the strong start they deserve.

A portrait of Earlybird founders - Sarah Hunter and Renée Jordan

Our Values


We take a playful, joy-filled approach to early learning that is child-centered, sparks curiosity, and holistic in nature.


We keep it simple by using everyday items and little to no prep activity ideas to ensure we can engage our children in rich learning experiences.


We are committed to providing equitable access to high-quality, engaging early childhood learning to ensure every child gets the strong start they deserve.

The Founders

Renée Jordan holding her two kids.

Renée Jordan

Renée is Anderson and Frances’ mum. But she is also a teacher and curriculum designer with degrees in education, child development, and instructional design from the University of Victoria and Columbia University. She has worked with children and families in Canada and the United States to conduct learning assessments, devise learning plans and create resources to target key skills. She is passionately committed to ensuring all kids, including her own, have the strong start they deserve in life.

Sarah Hunter posing with her two kids.

Sarah Hunter

Sarah is mum to Darcy, Kai and Niko. She is also a designer and entrepreneur with a business degree from the University of Victoria. Sarah has spent her career creating digital experiences for other brands, and in 2021 decided it was time to create her own. Since then she has been working on building Earlybird to be the most comprehensive early childhood platform for parents and caregivers of young children.

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