You’re inundated by other people’s opinions on how you should parent and what your kids should learn, and you can’t make sense of the noise. You wish you had an early years expert as your BFF who could share tips on how to keep kids busy (and learning) and navigate all the big toddler feelings. Well, we're that BFF.

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250+ low-prep, kid-approved, activities

It’s only 11am, you’re still nursing your 6am coffee, and have already run out of things to do with your kiddo. Become a member, and get unlimited access to 250+ low-prep activities, suitable for kids 0-5.

Learn what's really going on in their head

We've created our courses and workshops to give parents nap-sized insights into how kids' brain develops in the early years and what you can do to raise happy, calm, bright kids.

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Flash cards, anchor charts, and fun printable activities to support your kids’ learning journey.


“I’m obsessed with everything Earlybird. The activity library is beautiful, and everything is so easy to do. It’s my go-to when I just need to keep them busy for a while.”

Mum of two

“The Earlybird platform is next level. I’m obsessed with the graphics they use. Everything is BEYOND cute, age appropriate, useful, and helpful.”

Teacher & Author

“I just signed up and I’m excited. We are homeschooling this year so I need all the Earlybird tools. It is making the early years really make sense.”

Mum of twins

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