Imagine if you could...

Be a more compassionate parent because you understand how your children's brain develops.

Have happy, calm children who have fewer meltdowns.

Have children who could express their emotions effectively.

Raise your kids with confidence

Have children who excel once they start school.

We designed this course to be the ONLY course you need for the early years.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of how the child’s brain functions and grows. You’ll learn how to develop the WHOLE child. And not just get through tricky toddler situations.

We teach you practical, easy ways to invest in your child's intellectual, social-emotional and physical development.

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What you'll learn

Module 1 • 22 MIN

Daily Living Motor Skills and Pre-Writing Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Why is motor development important
  • What activities you can do with your baby RIGHT from birth
  • How and why to lead your child in sensory play
  • The skills your child needs before they are able to learn to write
  • Who to talk to if you have concerns about your child’s motor development
  • What fine and gross motor skills your child should be working on
Module 2 • 44 min

Managing Emotions and Building Emotional Intelligence

Learning Outcomes

  • How to help your child have less tantrums by learning how to calm themselves down (self-regulate) and communicate effectively
  • How to have your child develop empathy, kindness, and compassion
  • How to teach your child to share, regulate their voice, use gentle hands, and honour personal space
  • How to build your child’s attention and focus
  • How to build a growth mindset so children can cope with challenges, setbacks and hard things
Module 3 • 30 min

Language, Communication and
Pre-Reading Skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Why early literacy really matters
  • What you can do with your babies, right from birth, to help them be stronger readers and writers later
  • What skills your kid needs now so they don’t have trouble learning to read or write
  • Playful ideas, toy recommendations, and everyday strategies to build a kid's literacy skills
Module 4  • 31 min

Higher Thinking Skills and Foundational Math, Beyond Numbers

Learning Outcomes

  • What is numeracy and why does it matter?
  • What skills your child needs now so they don’t have trouble learning math
  • How to teach your kid their letters, number, and shapes
  • Fun ways to teach your kid to think critically, make decisions and problem solve
  • Playful ideas, toy recommendations, and everyday strategies to build your kid's numeracy skills
Module 5  • 34 min

Setting Up Your Playspace and Building Independence

Learning Outcomes

  • How to pick developmentally appropriate toys and materials
  • Organizing your toys
  • Teaching your child play skills
  • How to build independent play skills
  • Setting up task bins
  • How to play with multiple aged kids

What else is included?

Activity Library

You’ll get 6 months of access to the Earlybird Activity Library (value $48). With over 250+ low-prep play ideas, you’ll never run out of ideas to keep your kids busy and learning.

Private facebook Group

Have questions or need advice on a tough toddler situation? Head to the FB group! Course students and Earlybird members will be there to support you!

Shop Lists + Discounts

You’ll get shoppable lists of our favorite toys, books, materials. PLUS a discount to use in the Earlybird Shop.

Hear it from them :)

“Bright Futures is fascinating and practical. After taking the course, I now understand why and how certain activities can help shape my son's development (even from a young age). I've gained the confidence to parent with more intention and highly recommend this course.”

Kimberly R.
Teacher & Author

"If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated in parenting moments and been at a loss for how to guide your child, this course is for you! The information is easy to consume, brings many light bulb moments and gives you the scripting and resources to start implementing what you’ve learned immediately."


"This course covers all the important developmental milestones and is even helpful if your kiddo is a bit older. I found this course so helpful with tips for my kiddo with Autism, and the play-based skill development is so approachable even for kids with different needs."


The time to build the foundation for your child is NOW.




52 lessons / 2.5 hrs of video content
6 months access to the Activity Library (value: $48)*
Private Facebook group and community
Shopping lists + discounts
Lifetime access to the course

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* After your 6-month membership to the Activity Library is over, you can continue as member at a discounted rate of $6/month.
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Meet Renee Jordan

Hi, I’m Renee, one of the founders of Earlybird. I am a mother, teacher, and curriculum designer with a Masters in educational psychology from Columbia University.

I have worked with families across North America, conducting learning assessments and devising learning plans. I have seen firsthand how many children are starting school behind in core developmental domains, and I know this doesn’t need to happen.

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