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Foundational Math, Beyond Numbers

Learn why teaching your child numbers, shapes, and colors, and building math confidence matters at an early age. Help your child develop the skills needed to make decisions, analyze ideas, and become the critical thinkers, doers, and innovators of our future!

31 mins
11 Lessons
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Who's this for?

Our workshops are designed for ALL parents. It’s critical to know a little bit about what is going on in your child’s brain, and how to equip their child with all the 21st century skills that will be required for the careers of the future.

This workshop will be a game changer if:

You want to make sure your child has the thinking skills to meet challenges with curiosity instead of meltdowns, and see setbacks as reasons to learning something and problem solve.

You want to make sure your child is set up to be successful once they start learning math in school.

You struggled with math or think “math is too hard for me” and want a different future for you child.

Your child has a diagnosed learning disability and you would like to supplement the intervention they’re getting to ensure they are set up to be as successful as possible.

What you'll learn:

What is numeracy and why does it matter?

What skills your child needs now so they don’t have trouble learning math

How to teach your kid their letters, number, and shapes

Fun ways to teach your kid to think critically, make decisions and problem solve

Playful ideas, toy recommendations, and everyday strategies to build your kid's numeracy skills

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Learning with Earlybird

Even a basic understanding of early childhood development will help to make your parental journey feel less overwhelming and more enjoyable.


We’ve packed a lot into these lessons because we know how busy you are. So do as much (or as little) at a pace that works for you.


Make real progress by learning and doing with your kids. We include PDF downloads of low-prep activities and shopping lists of our favorite books and materials.


We’re parents too. But Renee Jordan is also a teacher and studied educational psychology at Columbia University. Everything she teaches is evidence-based...

Hear it from them :)

"I now understand why and how certain activities can help shape my son's development (even from a young age). I've gained the confidence to parent with more intention and highly recommend this workshop.”

Kimberly R.

"The social stories are going to help us so much!! So many of our struggles stem from stalling or not so fun behaviours to avoid doing what is asked of them. Implementing this immediately!"


"I found this so helpful with tips for my kiddo with Autism, and the play-based skill development is so approachable even for kids with different needs."


Teach your child foundational math (beyond numbers) and higher thinking skills



11 video lessons
31 minutes of content
Low-prep activities + shopping lists
Lifetime access to the workshop

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Meet Renee Jordan

Hi, I’m Renee, one of the founders of Earlybird. I am a mother, teacher, and curriculum designer with a Masters in educational psychology from Columbia University.

I have worked with families across North America, conducting learning assessments and devising learning plans. I have seen firsthand how many children are starting school behind in core developmental domains, and I know this doesn’t need to happen.

There are many reasons why children don’t have access to rich, learning experiences that are so critical in the early years, but I am committed to ensuring all kids have the strong start they deserve and empowering you to do your part in raising good kids.

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