Baby art supply list

June 4, 2021

Painting with your baby is entirely possible (and won’t destroy your house). You can start giving your child non-toxic or taste safe art supplies to explore as soon as they are able to sit in a high chair. They will likely be more into exploring the art supply than doing any actual art. As they touch, smell and maybe toss the crayons, they will still be engaging in a great exploratory sensory and motor experience. 

As they progress closer to 1 you will begin to see them interested in participating in art. You can put them in a giant box with materials (link to instagram) or tape a canvas to the wall of the shower to keep the mess at bay (link to instagram post)

First art supplies to have on hand:

Put these supplies to good use by signing up for Earlybird where you will find lots of playful art activities to help your child develop their sensory, motor and other school readiness skills -right from those early days.

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