DIY Travel Lego Case

August 11, 2022

Lego is a great way to build your child's fine motor, creativity, and problem solving skills. My boys (2 and 4) are finally enjoying this challenging, open-ended toy. It's definitely tricky to build things with their small hands, but they love using their imagination to create houses and castles and cars. So when we went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to bring some Lego with us on our flight to keep them busy. Sounds like a terrible idea, doesn't it?! To contain the chaos I purchased a couple of food containers to use as storage and the base for their creations.


First, I measured the inside of the container lid. This will be our base and where we'll glue our base plate. I cut the base plate using scissors down a size that would fit in the lid. I used crazy glue to secure the base plate to the lid and let it dry.

Once dry, you can fill the container with select pieces. Since we were bring these travel cases on the plane, I left the tiniest pieces at home. Close the container and you're all set!

The most challenging part was having to explain to Darcy that we'd have to take it apart his masterpiece because we wouldn't be able to close the container. He wasn't too happy about that. We can't win them all, right?

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