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Process over product during the preschool years

June 5, 2022

Process over product. Read that again.

Let’s be honest we could use a little bit more of this mindset in all areas of our lives. 

The learning happens in the process, not in the Pinterest perfect product. Most activities here at Earlybird don’t have a defined final product (although preschool crafts are usually pretty great for motor skills). They are designed to amplify the learning by encouraging children to explore richly and deeply. 

So your only job as the caregiver is to provide your child with an opportunity to learn. Where they take it from there is up to them. You provide the supplies and they lead the learning. 

So if you set up an activity and your child takes it in an entirely different direction. Go with it. If they say “thanks but I want to do play dough instead”, roll with it. Follow their natural curiosities and inclinations. 

Powerful learning is still happening. If you set up a painting activity and they decided they needed to do a little threading, guess what? They are building the same pre-writing skills. Both are targeting the same motor skills we need to be proficient writers (and do other daily living tasks like zippers). 

Trust the process. Enjoy the process. It’s where the magic is. 

Join Earlybird for more process art and other early learning activities that get kids learning as they explore and play in a child-led way. 

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