Developmentally appropriate baby toys

September 14, 2021

Children possess an amazing, natural potential to learn. Infants as young as a few hours old prefer to listen to the sounds of human voices over any other sound (Vouloumanos & Werker, 2007). Right from birth children begin soaking in and learning from their world.

As caregivers our only responsibility is to provide them with rich resources and they will take it from there.

You can purchase many of these items at local toy and baby stores. We use amazon links because it means anyone, anywhere can access and have them delivered. But be sure to check out local stores (like modern baby and timeless toys, which ship)

Some of our favourite infant toys are:

  • High contrast images: you can get out DIY printable High contrast stroller cards and visuals via your Earlybird membership. Or these are great too.
  • Tummy time mirror: right from birth babies love looking at faces. If you have an old makeup mirror laying around it will do the trick too!
  • Baby play gym: it is nice to have a safe place to put baby down, and it is extra nice when that time can further their development. During tummy time they can feel and explore the play mat, and as they lay on their back they can take in the hanging toys.
  • Fabric books: around 3 or 4 months your baby may start reaching with one hand. They will enjoy lifting the flaps, feeling the textures and listening to the different sounds created.
  • Fabric rattles: babies don't have great motor control yet. Wood and plastic rattles can hurt if they are bonked with them so fabric ones are ideal.
  • Baby crinkle paper: the sound of this paper can often calm an out of sorts baby.
  • Multi-sensory grasping toys: babies use their sense to explore and learn about the world. Toys that offer unique visual, textural and auditory stimulation is powerful in amplifying their development. These also make great car and stroller toys.

Join Earlybird for more evidence based, playful activities from newborn to 5 years +. All our resources and simple activity ideas (like our high contrast cards pictured below) in one place for one low membership fee.

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