Experiential and consumable gift ideas for kids

December 5, 2021

Kids get and likely already have a lot of toys (but we have developmentally appropriate suggestions for infants, 1 year olds and 2 year olds if you still need a few ideas). Research shows kids learn the most when they're provided opportunities to play and explore with the caregivers who love them (Hedges, 2000; Whitebread et. Al., 2009). So this holiday season, you may want to elect for gifts that can be experienced and enjoyed together.

Some creative experiential and consumable gift ideas for children are:

  • Magazine subscriptions like Chirp, Storybox, Hello or High Five
  • Craft supplies, such as paints, stickers, crayons, fancy markers, and creative paper (we have a list of our staple supplies if you need inspiration)
  • Make them a DIY Play Dough Playkit with a few craft supplies and play dough
  • Creative play books, such as coloring books, sticker books, or activity books
  • An activity membership, like our Earlybird gift subscription
  • A snack pack of their favourite snacks (or the ones they don't get very often!)
  • Memberships to a local museum, indoor play space or children's museum
  • Movie tickets and a plan for a movie date
  • A special meal out together at a place of their choosing
  • A sleepover, either at a loved one's or a family trip to a hotel
  • A certificate for a "yes" day, where for the whole day the child gets to decide what the family does and the parents have to say "yes" (within reason :P)
  • Sports, dance, drama, swimming, art or music lessons
  • Plants they can care and nurture

There are so many ways to give your child something they will LOVE, that also won't clutter up your space.

Happy Holidays :)

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