Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt

October 23, 2021

A fun way to get into the holiday spirit and get kids moving. Head out on a walk and have your child flex their observational skills as they search for different halloween themed items.

Walking may not seem like a high intensity activity. But for our little ones who are just learning how to move and coordinate their body, a simple walk is a rich opportunity to build their gross motor skills. Walking through their community also provides a rich opportunity to develop road awareness and create active living habits.

But beyond the motor benefits, this activity will have children developing their observational skills and active working memory as thy search. As they see the word paired with the visual they will also be building their literacy skills as they learn some new vocabulary.

Simply download our free Halloween Scavenger Hunt, print it out and get searching!

If you don't feel like heading out the door, you could also read some halloween themed books. Then your child could hunt through the pages to locate the items on the scavenger hunt.

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