No Prep Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

February 6, 2021

Are you looking for some easy, no prep Valentine's Day activities for kids? We've got you covered. All the activities in our Valentine's Day activity pack are print and play.

Kids love themed activities. Holidays are always a great time to build a child's core developmental skills, while they play and have fun.

And here at Earlybird, we've got some fun art, literacy, math, social-emotional, AND motor Valentine's Day activities that your kids will love. All you have to do is print, grab a couple of common, everyday materials and get playing and learning!

Included in this activity pack are our:

  • Affirmation hearts to build a child's self-worth and promote kindness and giving compliments
  • Reflection hearts to teach children about reflection symmetry (a fun, creative activity that doesn't even feel like math!)
  • In my heart printable puzzle to encourage children to self-reflect about what they love and express gratitude for the things in their lives
  • Watercolor heart resist to build a child's pre-writing motor skills while they create
  • Heart memory game to promote problem solving, active working memory and higher thinking skills
  • Roll & Color Math Game (two versions) to teach kids the numbers 1-12, while also building their social game play skills

The best part is that hearts are fun all year round! So even if it isn't Valentine's Day, your kids will still love doing each of these love-themed activities. It is always a good time to honour and reflect on love :)

If you are an Earlybird member, you have access to all these activities and more in our Valentine's Day theme. Or you can download these print and play activities from our shop.

no prep printable in my heart puzzle for valentine's day
no prep printable reflection heart activity for valentine's day
no prep printable roll and color math game for valentine's day
printable affirmation hearts for kids
printable hearts memory game
printable watercolor crayon resist activity for kids
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