Teacher and childcare provider gift ideas

November 4, 2021

Teachers and childcare providers get so many sweet nicknacks that declare them the "world's best teacher". And they are. But over the years they tend to amass more than they can showcase. So when shopping for a gift for a teacher or daycare provider in your life opt for something that is consumable. Something that they will be able to use and savour.


  • gift cards for coffee, dinner, or a favourite local shop. Even an amazon gift card so they can pick out whatever they need will be appreciated.
  • edible treats such as baked good from a local bakery, homemade bread, or a bag of your favourite coffee beans.
  • a self-care treat like candles or nice soaps.

Teachers and childcare providers often spend a lot of their own money on their teaching supplies. So getting them something for their classroom can be really helpful, and it is something your child will also enjoy.

Grab them:

  • books for their classroom
  • art or activity supplies, like stickers, coloring tools, play dough etc. You have an art and activity supply list that could be helpful. You could make up a little gift package of a variety of supplies.
  • toys or loose parts. Many early years teachers are opting to do inquiry based learning and using a lot of wooden toys and loose parts but it can be expensive to build up their supply. So something like a set of Grapat mandala parts is a fun gift.
  • learning materials like flash cards or anchor charts. In the Earlybird shop we have single and class sets.
  • age appropriate board games and puzzles
  • a classroom magazine subscription, such as those by Owl Publishing or Highlights
  • a membership to an educational resource, like Earlybird :)

Truthfully there is no wrong gift. The teachers and caregivers will be thrilled you were thinking of them.

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