How to make sure your kid learns to write

August 14, 2022

Writing is an important skill for children to develop, as it helps them express their thoughts and ideas. As a parent, you can play a key role in helping your child develop early writing skills. Here are a few tips for building early writing skills in your child:

  1. Start with pre-writing activities: Before your child is ready to write words, they can practice pre-writing skills, such as drawing lines and shapes or tracing objects. These activities can help your child develop the fine motor skills needed for writing. The Earlybird app has a pre-writing theme that is full of playful (and easy) activities you can do with your child.
  2. Encourage your child to write: Encourage your child to write by providing them with a variety of writing materials, such as pencils, crayons, pastels, gel pens, and markers. Let your child choose which materials they want to use and what they want to write about. The Earlybird app has shoppable lists of our favorite art supplies and materials for you. 
  3. Teach them their name: the first word most kids learn to read and write is their name. The Earlybird app has a bunch of name learning activities for you to try. 
  4. Make writing fun: Writing can be a fun and engaging activity for your child. Incorporate songs, rhymes, and games into your writing sessions to make writing enjoyable for your child.
  5. Encourage your child to write independently: As your child becomes more confident in their writing skills, encourage them to write independently. Let them choose what they want to write about and provide support as needed. And don't worry about spelling at this stage. Just celebrate all attempts.
  6. When they’re ready, help your child with spelling: As your child begins to write words, they may need help with spelling. You can support your child by breaking down the letter sounds in the words they’re trying to spell to see if they can get it or by playing spelling games together.

Overall, building early writing skills in your child requires starting with pre-writing activities, encouraging your child to write, making writing fun, teaching their name, and encouraging independent writing. By teaching your child these skills, you can help them develop a love for writing and a strong foundation for future

Check out the literacy activities on the Earlybird app for more fun early writing activities to try. Find the *FREE* Earlybird parenting app in the Apple app or Google Play store.

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