How to paint with your baby

June 4, 2021

You can get your child exploring and engaging in “messy” experiential play like painting while also keeping your house in tact (and every caregiver said TELL ME MORE).

First, picking the right supplies matters. To make painting successful with the littlest learners grab:

Next, pick your location strategically. Containing your kid to their highchair, and painter’s taping the paper to the table will help keep the mess contained to mostly wipeable surfaces. Taping the paper down ensures the art doesn’t get torn or tossed. Head outdoors so you don’t have to stress the mess, and simply hose everything off when you’re done.

Or our personal favourite spot to paint is the bathtub! Use painters tape to tape the cardstock to the bathroom wall. This takes the art vertical too, just like they’re painting on a real easel. Place a tray of washable poster paint and brushes on the floor of the tub. Strip your child down and let them explore the colors. It doesn’t matter if they get paint on themselves, the tub, or the walls, simply remove the art from the wall, and flip on the shower to wash them and the mess away.

Sign up for Earlybird for more fun painting activities to do with your toddler, and help them develop their foundational motor skills while you’re at it!

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