Free Fall Themed Color & Trace Activity

October 2, 2021

Teach your child new autumn-themed vocabulary. Our free Color and Trace Pages are wonderful for playfully building literacy and motor skills.

The muscle development necessary for writing and daily living tasks (zippers, buttons, cutlery etc.) requires building strength in the whole arm, as well as detailed strength, control and dexterity in the hands and fingers (Huffman & Fortenberry, 2011). Coloring achieves this.

However this fall themed activity takes a simple coloring activity up a notch by building a child's foundational literacy skills. Your child will hear the word, see the written spelling, be able to physically trace the letters, and connect the word to the visual image.

The download also includes our informational handout on the developmental benefits of coloring. If you are a teacher or childcare provider, this information sheet can be a great resource to pass on to parents to explain what developmental domains kids are building while they do the simple act of coloring.

Download our autumn Color & Trace pages. Or join Earlybird to have access to these and over 130+ activities and no prep resources (with more added weekly).

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