What math skills do preschool kids need to know?

September 1, 2021

Current research shows that children’s numeracy skills at school entry is the strongest predictor of both later math success as well as success in other academic areas (Duncan et al., 2007).

Numeracy is not just knowing your numbers and how to add and subtract. Numeracy is the ability to recognize and apply mathematical concepts in all areas of life. So yes your child needs to know their 1,2,3's, but it also means they need to understand shapes, time, measurement, spatial concepts, categorization, and comparisons like big/small, heavy/light, and long/short. Numeracy also involves higher thinking skills like problem solving, estimating and noticing patterns.

Throughout your child’s day as they count, look at shapes, and talk about sizes they will be developing their numeracy skills. Singing number songs and sorting materials also target key early skills. Board games require counting, card games develop number sense, and playing store builds money skills. Everyday activities like sorting the recycling, cooking, checking the time, and paying for their lunch order, all have valuable numeracy (and life) skill development.

Join Earlybird for playful activities, that you can do in your everyday life with materials you already have, to build a child's number sense, measurement skills, money math understanding, and spatial awareness. For example, our number chart (below) and hundreds chart (in cover photo) and all the associated activities for them.All our printable resources and evidence based activity ideas in one place for one affordable membership fee.

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