Salad spinner art

October 6, 2021

With an easy, push down salad spinner even kids under the age of 1 will be able to create beautiful art and work their motor skills.This art and motor activity is a fun way to discuss centrifugal force with your child, which is a STEM related concept.

STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM-based education teaches children more than science and mathematics concepts. It promotes problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more. STEM based activities make creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, and innovators. Research shows that STEM minded activities are powerful learning for young children.

For this STEM inspired art activity all you need to do is:

  1. Mix paint with water to thin it out, and add drops all over a scrap of card stock paper or cardboard.
  2. Place it in the basin of a salad spinner. Put on the lid and get spinning.
  3. Remove from the salad spinner and let it dry. If you want you can explain to your child that Centrifugal force is the tendency of an object moving in a circle to travel away from the center of the circle. For example, if they have ever spun fast on a merry-go-round they have felt centrifugal force on their body as they hold on tightly.

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