The importance of dramatic play

November 5, 2021

Often play is seen as a reprieve from "real work". When really play is where the richest learning happens.

Dramatic play such as playing house, pretending to be a postal worker or running a market is incredibly beneficial for a child's development. In such play, children express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, learn how to control their emotions, interact with others, resolve conflicts and gain a sense of competence (Singer, Golinkoff, & Hirsh-Pasek, 2006).

Not only that, when role playing real life scenarios children will be building their ability to communicate, money sense, and daily life skills that they need to engage and thrive in the world.

As a caregiver your only job is to provide your child with the resources they need engage in dramatic play. They will take it from there as they follow their natural inclinations:

Materials that can inspire pretend play:

Join Earlybird for purposeful dramatic play printables that will have your child growing their imaginations while also building their money math and life skills.

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